General Questions

  • How does full line vending work?
    We stock, clean, and maintain the machines. You dont have to do anything.
  • What are the requirements to place our machines?
    All we need is access to an electical outlet, enough room for the placement of a machine, belief the machine will be used, and an accurate headcount/foot traffic (extremely important so that we can place appropriate sized machine) of location.
  • How many different selections can the vending machines hold?
    It varies. Drink machines hold 7 to 15 selections, while snacks up to 50 varieties all dependant upon location foot traffic.

Pricing Questions

  • How much is your services and what do we owe?
    There is no cost associated with our services.  Just allow us to place our machine and we take care of everything.  To maintain fairness for associated parties, there will be an agreement signed prior to machine delivery.
  • What will the agreement cover?                                                                                                                                                                                               The agreement will cover our vending service commitment to service/our ethics(timely repairs, fully stocked, etc.) acknowledgement/permission to perform vending services on premises, and agreement on terms to dissolve service by either party.
  • What does a soda cost from the vending machine?
    We always strive to have competitive prices that are consistently cheaper than most convenience stores. Drinks range in price from $0.65 to $2.50 depending on the product and size. Snacks range from $0.25 to $1.75 dependent upon size and product type.
  • What if the vending machine takes money and does not distribute product?
    If someone loses money we provide options for refund.

1) We place a refund list on machine with the date, item for refund, and contact information for the requestor. We will call or text when on premises to disperse refund. For credit card transactions, we will immediately start refund process through our payment processor as a credit back to account upon receiving last four digits of card used in the misvended transaction.

2) Or you establish a point of contact and we provide them with a fund for any refunds to be distributed when money is lost. This our preferred method since it keeps our customers happy.

3) Or we will leave our contact information on machine where customers can call and place a request either online or phone.  We will then send refund through first class mail or in cases of credit cards, immediately start the refund process as a refund back to credit card.

Installation Questions

  • How long does it take to install the vending machines and what is the process?
    The process for installation is very simple . If you currently have a provider we would contact them to see when they could remove their machines. We would then schedule our machines to be delivered at that time. If no provider in place we can usually install machines in 2 weeks unless we need to special order a machine for you. It only takes 1 to 2 hours to install and make an initial product fill in most locations.
  • Where should you install or place your vending machine?
    Preferably in an environmentally protected area on the first floor of your building unless you have elevator access.
  • What are the electrical requirements for a soda machine?
    Electrical requirement for all machines is 110 volts.
  • What sizes of vending machines are available?
    We have various sizes and types for almost every situation and its dependenat upon the space and vending capacity of locations.
  • What happens if I need to move my vending machine?
    We can move machines with a three day notice. In emergency situations, we can move them in the same day.

Maintenance Questions

  • How often should the vending machines be refilled?
    Your machine will be stocked on a as needed basis. Most are weekly but some are two, or three tmes a week.
  • How do you deal with repair and refill issues?
    Simply call our number listed on the machine. Repair issues are usually handled that day unless a part for the machine needs to be ordered. We will do everything to insure that your employees have access to food and drinks. Refill issues will be handled same day.


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