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We are a vending company Atlanta based dedicated to providing top name branded products in our vending machine. Providing the best is of utmost importance to us here at Metro Atlanta Vending. Periodically we find a new product to supply in our vending services Atlanta, our team taste test snack products. We are a vending company Atlanta that actually care enough to try our products before placing them in our vending machines. Lately we have come across quite a few snacks that have been introduced into the market. Some are hits and a few are just yucky misses. See below our team's general synopsis.

Annie's Cheddar Cheese Puffs is a new product by the Annie's brand. We actually enjoyed this product because it is organic and it tastes very similar to Cheetos Cheese Puffs. It gives a cheese fix that would satisfy any cheese lover. We give this two thumbs up for sure.Milano Double Milk Chocolate also receives to thumbs up. Basically it is a true spin off of the original Milano Chocolate cookie. If you like the original, this Double Milk Chocolate cookie is for you. Our only complaint is portion size we give one thumb up.
Pop Chips Ridges Buffalo Ranch. If you are a fan of Pop Chips this is for you. If you are not a fan of Pop Chips or haven't tried them....get with the program. These chips are a game changer and has so much flavor with a fiery punch that you would forget they contain just 100 calories! The buffalo Ranch received two thumbs up from our Metro Atlanta Vending team.
Veggie Sticks Snap Peas. These were okay, but we would avoid these. Lacked flavor and just didn't set well with anyone on the team. Two thumbs down.
Teddy Soft Bakes are actually marketed towards younger kids, but out of curiosity we gave some to the Metro Atlanta Vending Team and they all enjoyed two thumbs up. Actually tastes sort of like a large Teddy Gram filled with chocolate or vanilla icing. We suggest you buy these by the dozen because they are so addictive.
Krispy Kreme has just entered the market with their Honeybuns, apple pies, and cinnamon rolls. Krispy Kreme.... enough said. Of course these were delicious and what really set the products over the top was the familiar Krispy Kreme glaze. The only knock on the products is just the sugar content. Two thumbs up and more if we could.
Kind Bar Thai Chili. Yuck! This is not even remotely tasty. We barely had this in our mouth and it was in the trash instantly. The taste is so bad it is nearly describable, you have been warned.

We take providing metro Atlanta top vending products and vending services along with our vending machines seriously. We are a local vending company Atlanta or not an out of state conglomerate without your interests in mind nor an out of touch vending machine company, but a part of your community who is easily accessible to your vending service needs.

Vending Atlanta one business at a time is the goal of Metro Atlanta Vending. More and more businesses are making the switch to us and we hope you would too. If this information has been useful and you would like more information about Metro Atlanta Vending and our vending service, contact us.

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