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Snack Products

We vend only the very best to fuel your appetite. Our products are rotated and verified weekly ensuring there aren't any out of date items present.

We have a wide selection of snack products with a commitment to meeting the varied preferences of your staff, visitors and guests is represented by the large selection of brand name products made available to you through our vending program. Please see our list of products below.  This is a only list to give you an idea of the name brands that we offer. As always, if there is a product that you would like to see vended, we will make every reasonable attempt to provide. Contact us for our Healthy Vending Selection!

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Snack Products


Fritos Chili Cheese                  Andy Capp Hot Fries
Lay’s Regular                            Munchies Regular Mix
Bugles Original                        Chex Mix
Lay’s BBQ Chips                      Popcorn
Bugles Nacho Cheese             Ruffles Branded Chips
Snyder Mini Pretzels              Crackers and Cheese
Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Chips    Sun Flower Seeds
Dorito’s                                     Slim Jims beef jerky
Sunchips                                   Pretzels
Mac’s Reg. Pork Rinds           Kar's Trail Mix
Flaming Cheetos                      Pop Chips
Mac’s BBQ Pork Rinds           Planters' Peanuts
Funjins                                       Twinkies
Dorito’s Nacho                          Veggie Straws                                      Skinny Pop                                 Granola Bars

Snack Products

Candy Bar

Snicker                      Mr.Goodbar
Starburst                  Buffterfinger
Mike and Ike           M&M Peanuts
Skittles                     M&M Plains
Chewing gum          Kit Kat
Baby Ruth                Twix