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Over here at Metro Atlanta Vending, we like our job because it allows us to eat...I mean.. conduct valuable research on the newly emerging snacks for our clients taste them. Throughout the years of providing vending service, we have seen snack products evolve. There was one point where chips had to be baked. Then there was the portion control(still around). Regardless of the ever changing snack trends, Metro Atlanta Vending strives to be on top of them all bringing you the newly emerging products.

Recently the Metro Atlanta Vending team stumbled upon a delicious veggie snack that will send your taste buds into overdrive. We were out at our supplier and was given a sampler bag of Veggie Straws. We know your initial thought is, anything with the name veggie can't taste good. Trust, this is not an exaggeration and we aren't paid spokespersons for Veggie Straws. The product IS delicious and vegetable based. It tastes almost like an order of french fries from your favorite fast food restaurant. Veggie Straws.The vegetable snack comes in two flavors; Ranch and Sea Salt. The best thing about Veggie Straws is that they are low in calories and contain zero trans fats.

Another snack the team has been anxious to try, well, retry is an oldie but goodie. Twinkies! Twinkies have been a staple in our vending machines for quite a while. They can be vended by the singles or two at a time. Years ago Hostess was actually shut down and stopped producing Twinkies and other products that we have all become accustomed to. Luckily, someone stepped in and bought Hostess. They totally revamped all of our favorites for stocking in vending machines. What is really neat about the Twinkies line of Hostess is that they come in a variety of flavors. Bannana, chocolate covered, and even deep fried Twinkies in the frozen food section.

As a vending machine company, chips are your staple. At Metro Atlanta Vending we take research and development seriously. Just the other week, the team performed a little quality control/research and development on new and emerging chips.(Feeding our faces!)There was a particular chip that was flavored to mimic the taste of a Nathan's Hotdog with mustard, onions, and relish. Let us be the first to tell you, they nailed the taste perfectly. If you were to close your eyes and taste the chips, you would actually cause confusion within your tastebuds because a hotdog is not suppose to be crunchy.

We at Metro Atlanta Vending enjoy stocking our vending machines with products that our clients enjoy.  Vending products change like the seasons and so do vending service providers. Metro Atlanta Vending on the other hand is a constant and reliable vending machine company serving metro Atlanta. We treat our clients with the utmost respect and would like to earn your business. If the information in the blog/article below has be useful and you would like additional information about our vending service, contact us.
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